Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Purdue vs. Ohio State Football Game

This past weekend Tristan & I went to West Lafayette, Indiana (home of Purdue Univ.) for the college football Big 10 undefeated Top 25 game between the Buckeyes of Ohio State and the Boilermakers of Purdue University. Now, you may be saying, wait - why would Lana or Tristan care about this game. Let me explain....As you know, Tristan and I both love college football; however, Indiana has traditionally not been all that great at football (we're more of a basketball school), so Tristan's "adopted" Ohio State as his football team to cheer for. This is nothing new - he's been a fan of them ever since I met him. The game was great! We had a blast! Ohio State fans are CRAZY and definitely travel in packs - there were 65,000 people at the game and about 20,000 of them were decked out in scarlet and grey for the Buckeyes. The entire game all you could hear was O-H-I-O being shouted around the stadium....it was insane!! Ohio State schlacked Purdue 23-7. (And Indiana won also - we're now 5-1! Go Hoosiers!!)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weekend of 09/29 - Football, Lotus Fest & 5K

Tristan's parents came to visit this weekend! We went to Lotus Fest on Saturday night (it's a world music festival) and heard some interesting music entertainment (an alternative marching band from Portland, women drummers from Guinea & a few others) and walked around downtown Bloomington, since it was a great night to be out and about. IU football beat Iowa on Saturday, so that was great - we're now 4-1! Go Hoosiers! But, unfortunately, Michigan State lost to Wisconsin.....I ran in the Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 5K on Saturday morning as well, along with 5400 participants (only about 1500 ran in the 5K, but the other did the 5K walk or 1 mile family walk). It was a bit crazy to say the least! However, I did beat my previous 5K time with a new time of 38:09! The course was much harder than the first course (the second mile was pretty much a gradual mile long incline.....), but I was glad to have completed the race! TThe race ended on the 30 yard line of the football field so that was pretty cool to get to run on the field! The next one is on 10/13!

Tristan's Birthday 09/27

Tristan turned 27 on the 27th (I believe this is known as a "golden" birthday) - it was a pretty low key birthday, but we celebrated by going to dinner at Casa Brava (great mexican food) and to the movies to see Balls of Fury with our friends Christan & Todd. Balls of Fury was a bit disappointing - I doubt it will be up for any Oscar Awards - we were hoping for a bit more ping pong action in the movie, but we still had a good time! Tristan says thanks to everyone for the cards and well wishes for his birthday!

Weekend of 09/22

Tristan & I spent Saturday morning tailgating (yes, we were at the Stadium Parking lot at 8:30 a.m.) with some friends and grilling up hot dogs & burgers! We, unfortunately, witness an IU schlacking by the Illini on Saturday as well. The game was just awful - we had 4 fumbles that cost us the game for sure! Our friends Nick & Sheena came over for the game and some tailgating fun as well! We had a great Saturday night of Pizza Express, Ping Pong, & Football!