Thursday, February 21, 2008

From Oprah - Top 10 Wardrobe Must Haves for Women

I watched a few minutes of Oprah yesterday - Lloyd Boston, a fashion guru was on and gave the 11 essentials to any woman's wardrobe: (without further adeiu)
1) Trench coat - preferably a bright color
2) White Turtleneck/Black Turtleneck
3) Basic Black Trousers
4) Tunic Shirt
5) White Jeans....not overly excited about this idea personally, but I may give it a try if I ever find a pair that fit
6) Black Dress - not necessarily the "little black dress" but one that fits your body
7) Denim Jacket - dark blue or white one - NOT a stonewashed version from 1980
8) Black Skirt
9) Cashmere Sweater - they recommend J. Crew
10) Flat Shoes - in a bright color or leopard print
11) Oversized Bag - in white or a bright color (I won't be using this....I don't have a need to carry around that much stuff)

In final tally - I have 3 of the 11 things.....:) I have a black dress, denin jacket & black skirt. I assume this means I need to go shopping! :)


Christan said...

I apparently need to go shopping with you because I only have about 2 items. I hate skirts, but I do have a black dress and denim jacket. Of course, I couldn't wear most of the list to work, so....

Julie said...

You forgot the crisp white blouse.