Monday, February 18, 2008

The past few weeks....

Let's see:
- Katie & Jon & Grace came to visit! We had a fun weekend with them of games, IU basketball & Bloomington restaurants. See photo above of Miss Grace!
- We went to East Lansing to visit the in-laws. It was freezing cold in Michigan! We did, however, see IU women's basketball beat Michigan State! Go IU!
- My parents come to Bloomington! My mom, dad & Bode came to Bloomington for the weekend in early February. We went to Indianapolis to Trader Joes, TJ Maxx & Homegoods - my mom's favorite store on Saturday. My mom - the great shopper that she is - found prints for our living room at Homegoods. We now have a Monet canvas print of Water Lilies (my favorite) and two map prints (Eastern Hemisphere/Western Hemisphere) gracing our living room walls (see photos above). I think that there is definitely an all time record now set for most pictures/photos hung on walls of a house Tristan & I have lived in. LOL. We went to the IU game on Sunday, watched the superbowl and of course, had my dad do some "fix it" things around our house - hung blinds, fixed the front door, etc. What are dads for? :) Also, it's important to note that I won the Superbowl bet with my dad and he now owes me a Quatro's Pizza. :)
- Tristan went to North Carolina for his Grandpa's 90th Birthday! He flew out for the weekend in early February and had a great time with his grandpa, aunt, uncle & mom in Swansboro/Morehead City, NC.

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